Locating Hidden Underground Utilities Safely

locating services

Underground locating services are essential for preventing damage to buried infrastructure during excavation. These services use technology to map and identify the location of underground utilities, saving time and money.

Utility location services are essential for any construction or renovation project that involves digging or excavation. These services use advanced technology and equipment to locate and mark underground utilities like gas, water, sewer, electric, and communication lines. Accidentally hitting a buried utility can cause serious safety hazards, damage to the infrastructure, and even legal liabilities.

The utility location process involves sending electromagnetic signals through the ground and using specialized equipment to detect the location and depth of the utilities. Once the utilities are located, the service provider marks their location on the ground using color-coded flags, paint, or other visible markers.

Using utility location services can save time and money, and most importantly, it can prevent accidents and injuries. By knowing the exact location of the utilities, contractors, and homeowners can avoid unnecessary delays, disruptions, and repairs. Moreover, complying with the local regulations regarding utility location can prevent costly fines and legal issues.

In conclusion, utility location services are an essential aspect of any construction or renovation project. Hiring a professional utility location service provider can ensure a safe and successful project while minimizing the risk of damage or injury.

Location of private utilities

All public utilities must be marked however, the one-call service normally does not designate depths or any privately held utilities. Almost all construction projects will have private utilities, and some projects may even have most of the utilities on the site. Therefore, a private utility discovering company must be used to make sure that all placed utilities are located in order to receive a thorough locate.  All site workers are shielded from possible line strike damages by the private locating procedure.

Locating & mapping of facility utilities

Every construction project needs accurate, current construction plans and facility maps to be successful. The accuracy of the data gained from the current facility’s maps, which describe the site’s subsurface infrastructure, is crucial to the design stage of a project. Our Deliverables Department may update current or produce new as-built drawings that depict actual site circumstances, including any alterations, renovations, or unknown pipelines, using our facility mapping and modeling capabilities.

Directional drilling clearance and soil boring

When performing tasks such as directed drilling, Phase I or II inquiries, ecological drilling, testing, locating storage tanks under the ground, soil borings, setting up tracking wells, or site remediation, underground utility location is crucial. With the help of our project managers around the country, we can be at your site fast and identify any important utilities or USTs that are that can interfere with your drill or excavation area.