5 Ways To Deal With Separation Anxiety When Leaving Your Dog To Travel

As life may tend to get routinary and may even tend to get hectic at times, one may yearn for a vacation for that well-deserved rest and relaxation. Or perhaps, your job may require you to travel for a business trip. As exciting a vacation may be and as important a business trip may be, you may feel anxious about leaving your fur baby to travel, especially if it’s your first time to do so.

We know how you love your doggo and treat him like family, so we understand how you may worry about him when you’ll be going away for a while. So here in this article, we’ll help resolve your worries with these ways to deal with the anxiety when parting with your little buddy.

Assure Yourself of His Well-being by Booking for Him a Stay at a Kennel Facility 

Rest assured, your pooch will be safe and well taken care of at a kennel facility. And of course, as you only want the finest for your precious pooch, you might want to send him to the best dog boarding that’s well-appointed and provides quality services.

There, he can enjoy the convenience and comfort of the amenities, as well as the care he needs provided by the doggy and puppy daycare Fremantle. Think of it as a vacation for him, too, while you’re away. While you’re unwinding and taking a break from reality, he can also have some fun and be pampered in a vacation of his own.

Acclimating Him to the Surroundings

Even your pooch can feel separation anxiety too. Although a stay at the kennel facility can be enjoyable for your pooch with all the amenities and services, being dropped off and left at an unfamiliar place all of the sudden may have him confused and startled.

To avoid such a scenario, you can prepare him for the new environment and new persons by taking him for a visit to the facility before your trip. That way, he can feel secure around the place you’ll leave him in and the people he’ll be with.

Keep Calm

Keep it cool and do not show your pooch that you are feeling anxious about leaving him. When you’re tense, he can actually sense it, as the anxiety transcends through his leash. So he, too, will get nervous and assume that something bad will happen. And that won’t make it easy for the both of you to part ways.

Keep Your Goodbye Short and Sweet

Don’t be too dramatic when saying goodbye to your pooch. This will also make him anxious. Part with him with a simple goodbye and assuring words like, “See you when I get back.” And one last comforting hug before you go would make it sweet. With a short and sweet goodbye, parting won’t feel so heavy for the both of you.

Don’t Overdo Checking in with the Kennel Facility

When you’re away, you might miss your pooch. So it would be natural to check on him. But don’t overdo it. While checking in with the kennel facility every now and then may appease your anxiety, it won’t really let you totally enjoy and relax on your vacation or focus on your business trip if you keep stressing about him. Perhaps, you can set a system with the facility for getting updates on him, rather than checking on him compulsively.

You can trust that your pooch is in good hands at the kennel facility. With the aid of the facility and these pieces of advice, your pet will be just fine. So there’s no need to fret when you’re going away.