If you are looking for purchasing a post office then you must have a perfect knowledge about it. Otherwise you need a broker who can guide you in a best manner regarding your investment, as purchasing a post office is not a small investment. Sometime peoples may fraud you by selling their property, which is lying under some legal cases, and meanwhile you face it in the future. If you want to buy or sell a post office with enough security then you need a strong broker. At Tarshay, we are available for you to provide services of buying and selling of post offices and shops. We are licensed broker and provide you best services at very reasonable amount of brokerage and legal documentation work will also be done by done on behalf of you. Therefore, you do not have to waste your time for documentation of the property


By the passage of time, demand of post office in rural towns is increasing. Main function of post office is to bound local peoples with each other by delivering parcels. Relatives who lived too much far, so it is not easy to visit them in short time period, for maintaining a good relation you can deliver some valuables to them by the services of post office. Furthermore, those relative who are settled abroad and come after many years and at some occasion like birthday you want to send them some gifts so at that time you also need a post office services. It a charm full business in rural towns and the person who is interested to start it, he needs much knowledge about it. Local brokers often set the prices by which sometimes seller faces loss or sometimes buyer pays more than its financial worth. To reduce the risk we are the broker with very expertise and honesty.

Tarshay is specialist and certified post office broker, build by Garry Mercalfe’s experience who has worked for Australian post. Working at lots of senior positions he was able to understand the different need of different peoples as per their area, he started as postal real estate broker and solved the problems of many peoples.

While you are working with uncertified and less experienced brokers, you may be convinced to settle at the price, which is less at the time of selling, or more prices at the time of purchasing because they are not touched with market prices.

If you really value your property and money so always, select an experienced and specialist broker for selling and purchasing of any kind of property. You should thing a lot when you are going to make an investment for business purpose. At Trahsay, you have to pay very low percentage of commission and your investment will get the perfect value. Check this link to find out more details.