Different Types Of Lawyers And Their Respective Duties




The world was a place of chaos and disorder before the introduction of rules and laws. These laws are not just any set of rules implied by the people of a particular area rather they are the particular set of rules that are imposed by the legislative body of the country towards each and every citizen of a country. These citizens might vary from the beggars to the president himself. Nobody can escape from abiding these rules and the one who does so will get the penalty. The penalty or punishment is decided depending upon the extent of a crime. There are some such crimes which can be compensated with money or apology and then there are some such extreme crimes which need to be punished severely like hanging or lifelong jail. Laws are set and penalties have been made accordingly. It is the lawyers who make sure that this law is prevailed through the society. There are various types of lawyers who have different duties about whom we will be discussing in this particular article. 


Lawyers can be defined as the legal practitioners who have studied law and practices law. They make sure that they support their client in the best of ways possible while following all of the legal terms and conditions. Their aim is to ensure that nobody is snatching another person’s rights. There are defence lawyers who defend the cases of accused and then there are attorneys or prosecutors who fight against the accused. We know that it is the police who catch the culprit but it is the lawyers in Canberra who make sure that the accused is the real culprit and then decide the penalty accordingly. 

Different types of lawyers and their respective duties: 

Lawyers can be divided into different types depending upon their forte in a particular area. As there are categories in the education of law so similarly there are divisions in the kind of lawyers. There are corporate lawyers who fight for the business related cases like contract formations or deal breaking. Then there are family lawyers who fight to make sure that their client is being given the best of opportunities whether it is property distribution or custody case. One such type of lawyers is known as compensation lawyers. These are the kind of legal practitioners whose job is to get the compensation amount from the attacker who has caused physical or emotional sufferings to his client. 


Lawyers are the legal practitioners whose job is to ensure the prevalence of law and order in the society. There are different types of lawyers who fight for different cases in the court rooms for different purposes. The kinds of these legal practitioners may vary from corporate lawyers to family lawyers and from criminal lawyers to compensation lawyers based in Canberra. Compensation lawyers are hired soon after you have been physically or verbally assaulted by an attacker. “Maliganis Edwards Johnson” offers the services of most exceptional lawyers.