Benefits Of Outsourcing Office Cleaning

Office require a lot of cleaning these days. This holds true despite the amount of part water being reduced because of environmental concerns. Previously, paper waste used to be enormous and even though wasted and used paper is still the single biggest item of solid waste in most offices, the overall amount has reduced.

In management there is a concept of competencies. A general explanation is that competencies are the abilities of a business that set it apart and allow it to to business. They are the abilities that make a business good at what it does. Competencies for a business can be divided into two separate categories: core competencies and non-cote competencies. A core competencies is a step or an activity that adds value and is something that a specific business excels at. It is usually a specialised activity that most other businesses have a hard time developing, mastering or replicating. It can not easily be duplicated and is therefore a cornerstone of the business’s ability to sustain itself and outperform its competition. As opposed to specialised core competencies, non-cote competencies are usually generic abilities that are of a general nature and do not comprise of any specific skills. They can be easily developed or copied. For example, for a manufacturing company is a developing country, cheap labour could be a core competency that provides the business with a competitive advantage. Peripheral functions such as professional cleaning Deception Bay are non-cote competencies in most cases. Seeing that they do not add value to a business, it is best to outsource them to a third party or a contractor. 

Outsourcing the office cleaning function has several benefits. The need for an in-house cleaning department is eliminated. This saves payroll costs. This also saves administrative effort on the behalf the of payroll department as they do not have to account for the wages and benefits of cleaning department employees. The costs associated with insurance of cleaning employees can be saved, as well. This could result in potentially significant savings. This also saves the HR department’s time. The human resource department does not need to spend its time shortlisting and recruiting manual workers to be employed as cleaners. Their time can be spent hiring human resource that actually adds value to the business. The benefits to an organisation resulting from outsourcing the cleaning department can be immense.

Third party office cleaning services are specialised in what they do. They employ the latest developments in cleaning and are well equipped to handle large volumes of work. They require minimal administrative effort and can usually hired for flexible monthly or annual contracts tailor-made to suit the need of the clients. The only thing that requires attention is the cost being incurred and the quality of service being provided. It is also easy to replace a cleaning agency if the results are not satisfactory.