Things To Know About Ted Cahill Motors

As far as the history is concerned, let’s put the facts straight, they established as a business in the year 1983 by a person called Ted Cahill and he named his company after his own name as Ted Cahill Motors.  Seven years later, for reasons although unknown yet could possibly be ailing health, he sold it one of his children’s, a son named Alan. He and his wife were the ones who led the company and managed the business for another decade or so until 2003. This was the year when because they wanted to move out, they then handed over this auto industry to Scott Campbell and Julie Campbell. And another ten years passed and they then handed the responsibility of the business to Heath Maxted. Precisely in the year 2013 and ever since then he has been managing affairs of the business. So in short, no matter who deals the official affairs on top, the motto that allows them to grow continuously and meanwhile remains unchanged, it is: sheer hard work, devotion to customers, and defiantly lots of passion.

Meet their team

So now moving on to the professionals who actually make up Ted Cahill Motors what it is. Their team comprises of individuals who are experts in various sectors of the auto industry and also have the right qualification and experience for the work they do. Precisely they include: three technicians who would look after the servicing department, next comes an apprentice and two administrators who manage office work and other matters. All these people have one thing in common and that is that they aim to return you your car back after all the repair or service that it needed, as soon as they can. They believe that one need to stay in touch with all the recent developments and research and therefore their team time and again actively participates in training programs to polish their skills. In addition they promise to provide you with advice that is completely honest as they know how important your vehicle is for you and hence for them as well. And any car service Shepparton you opt for is within economical price range as they do not believe in over charging.

For those of you who don’t know, they are associated with VACC and therefore are legally eligible to repair your old car or service a relatively newer one. One of the biggest concern that car owners have is that any mechanic mendling with their cars may affect its warranty that is issued by the manufacturer, so if you also belief so, you can be relaxed and at ease as this won’t happen with your car at Ted Cahill Motors. As they make full use of technological advancements and incorporate them such that their work becomes efficient. For example, when you first take your car to their workshop, they will by using equipment tries to decipher as to where the issue lies, and after they have identified, that may be your air conditioner needs to be fixed, then they will further ahead with service. If you are looking for legit brake repairs, just visit this link now.