Own Your Pregnancy, Don’t Let It Get You Down

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a person’s life. It is tough. Oh boy, is it tough. The morning sickness, the weight gain and the pain makes it difficult but you are going to be giving birth to your child. To your own little one and that is the one of the most wonderful things in life. However as it was mentioned before, its not easy and for many mothers to be, their self esteem tends to take a big hit. There is no way you can completely hide a pregnant belly. People will look and some may stare. You will not fit into your favourite clothes and you may not be able to eat the food you loved. The change in hormones will also make you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster. The small words you would have ignored would become much harder to get out of your mind and it would feel like at times like the whole world is against you and you are being judged by everyone.

However the truth of the matter is, you are still the person you were before the pregnancy. You are still gorgeous and utterly wonderful and nothing can change that. No one is judging how you look. Even if you feel like they are, the truth is that it’s simply not true. Pregnancy is normal. Many women go through it and society accepts that and everything that comes with it. Why should you be afraid of pregnancy? Own it. When you are pregnant, your body is doing something truly miraculous. It’s creating life. That is amazing. It’s truly just amazing and you should own it. Be proud of it. So what if you gain a few pounds and your belly is a bit big, that is perfectly normal. Don’t worry about fitting into clothes or going for a pregnancy photo shoot by Siobhan Wolff photography.

Your body is yours and the world is truly marvellous. Fashion is for everybody. You don’t have to wear baggy gowns when you are pregnant, no. There are so many wonderful clothes that you can wear with flattering cuts that look stunning. And the thing is, you are still an absolutely awesome person, so go ahead and own your pregnancy. Be confident and believe in yourself. Dress up in your best go do some pregnancy photography Melbourne. Capture the moment and frame it because you are brilliant and you need to believe it. You have achieved so much in your life and been through a lot, so be proud of who you are and your body. Once you give birth, your body will slowly go back to how it was so these 9 precious months, don’t spend them feeling down. Accept your body and its changes and keep your head up high. You are perfect the way you are so don’t let anything get you down.